When she walks into the room

The life of a professional tango teacher means spending a lot of time on the road. They travel from city to city teaching at workshops and festivals around the world. They go to exciting places like Barcelona, Montreal, New York, and Salt Lake City. OK, Salt Lake is nothing like those other cities, but at least we have a huge Tango community. Mmmmm…not really. So, what could possibly bring a world class teacher to us? First, dedicated community members that work to bring them here. And second, dedicated teachers. These teachers are dancers that love this dance and want to share it with all of us…whether we are part of a small community or part of a large community doesn’t matter.

A taste of our most recent traveling instructor, Cecilia Gonzalez. She was just here this past weekend, and I have to say that every time I see her, I realize just how incredible she is. Cecilia has that intangible something that takes over when she walks into the room. It’s an energy, and it radiates. Everything she does seems completely effortless and natural. And the woman stands on her own! She is a beautiful follower, but make no mistake, she is a skilled leader.  I’ve taken a lesson with her on her last 2 visits, and both times I blurted out how nervous I was at the prospect of one on one attention from her. This just made her laugh, because even though Cecilia has “it”, she isn’t one to show “it” off. When I think about it, showing off isn’t effortless or natural.

The interesting part for me this time was getting to know Cecilia better. She shared a funny story about life on the road and the crazy things that can happen when running from one city to the next. Not my story so I won’t be sharing it, but suffice it to say, it takes a good sense of humor to lead this lifestyle. I found out Cecilia speaks 5 languages (at least that I know of). And these are things you can only learn when you are willing to sit down on a sofa next to her and have a conversation at a milonga on a Saturday night. It was a fun weekend with an awesome dancer.

So, enjoy this video of Cecilia! I see her doing so many of the very things she suggested to me. Lovely!

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