Mod a Marcus and Eric

Several weeks ago, I walked into Mod a Go-Go. I wasn’t sure what I would find, but I’d driven by the place every day for three months, and I was dying to actually go inside. The big window is so inviting. It’s open and well-lit. It simply screams…come in! Take a look around. Sure enough, I walked into something special. You see, when you go inside it’s not just a  furniture store. Mod a Go-Go is an environment. The first person I met was Eric Morley, washing his lovely big windows. I then walked in and Marcus Gibby promptly introduced himself. He pointed me around the store and then mentioned there was a gallery upstairs. I went upstairs and my very first thought was…I want to dance in this space!!

This is what I saw as I went up and around the

Marcus and Eric have the space set up so that it’s open and airy to showcase art. Partners in life, they decided to plunge in and became partners in crime. And this was  just a few short months ago. Funding this gallery/shop mostly on their own, and putting their own sweat into it, they’ve created a space that is unlike any other in town. It’s signature Eric and Marcus. Eric is the business guy while Marcus is the artist. It’s a great fit. So, being the chatty person that I am, I walked back downstairs and told Eric (he was manning the shop at this point) all about my fantasy of dancing in their loft. We chatted. We laughed. Talked kids, art, dance, and the trials of opening a new business. I left with some local pottery and thought…I will definitely be back. I was in fact back a couple of hours later with my daughter. She had been itching to get inside the store as well. The shop had already been rearranged. And we all laughed at my prompt return.

Anyway, When I went back a couple of weeks later for some glassware, I had no idea that these two guys were going to make my fantasy a reality. I walked in and Marcus said to me, “We’ve been discussing our November gallery stroll and we think you would be a good fit with your dance”. They had a whole Mad Men theme planned and thought that Tango would go nicely with the formal ambiance of the evening. Of course I was super excited and immediately called Nicholas: my dance partner. We went in together a couple of days later to discuss speakers, music, and the general layout of the evening.

The rest, of course, is history. I showed up in my best Tango meets Mad Men attire. Nicholas came armed with the awesome music of Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Carla Bruni, Ella Fitzgerald, all colors of Tango music, and my favorite… Stan Getz. We had a grand time meeting new people and dancing in their beautiful loft. Thanks again guys!

Enjoy a little taste of the evening.

2 thoughts on “Mod a Marcus and Eric

  1. That is so you, Emily – you are pure sunshine ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. […]  In planning for our November, 2013 Gallery Stroll, we knew that we had to invite Emily, and her Salt Lake City Tango, to provide entertainment for our art-going […]

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