Sometimes things just fall into place

This past weekend, Nicholas and I had the opportunity to dance at not one house concert, but two. It was kind of a last-minute deal, and it most delightfully fell into our laps. Nicholas received an email from Megan Titensor, asking him if we would be willing to dance at her house concerts. It would be an evening dedicated to cello music, and Megan had worked earnestly for months on music completely from Argentina. With that in mind, she ran with it and created a complete theme focusing first and foremost on music, but then with us  secretly in her back pocket, she topped it off with dance and food that are always known to be associated with Argentina.

Nicholas and I were both excited at the prospect of dancing at such a unique event, and of course we jumped at the chance. Who am I kidding anyway?  We all know I love having a chance to perform and dress up.  Megan’s plan was to play works from Astor Piazolla, and Alberto Ginastera. Piazolla is probably the most famous tango composer, especially among non tango dancers, but this Ginastera…well I personally was unfamiliar with him. Interestingly, he is actually one of the most famous classical composers from South America in the 20th century. But, I’m more familiar with the North American and European guys, so it was a real treat for me to find someone so new and interesting to me. I found Ginastera’s music captivating! It was interesting, different, and lovely all at the same time, and it really did move me. One of the great things Megan did, was to put together little bios on both of these great composers, as well as engage the audience with little stories between each piece…either personal or about the music. It kept everything lively and moving. Then to everyones surprise, and our delight, she invited all to watch us do a of couple numbers in the hall…Now, let me first say that Megan “warned” us we would only be dancing in a hallway. When we arrived, this hallway was more like a grand hallway. The ceilings were high, the staircase was grand (perfect for quick seating in a pinch), and the floor was amazing. It was a wonderful oak floor (beautiful to the eye and to the touch), and it was made for dancing. Well, maybe that wasn’t the original intent, but that would be my intent.

So with all her work, both evenings turned out beautifully. The music was beautiful, the artist was engaging (and glamorous..I’ll just add that), and we had a wonderful time performing for such fun and interesting people. I’m always grateful and amazed at all the opportunities I get to meet new faces. Indeed, people are my true love. Thanks for including us in your fantastic event Megan!

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