For those that love him too

In 1978 I met a man that would forever change my life. My mother toyed with sewing costumes for a living after her divorce. She managed to get one client. A man with a small local t.v. show. Unfortunately, this endeavor didn’t get her very far financially, but this particular man was like a magnet to all that knew him. And she found someone special. Was he tall dark and handsome? …Hardly. Freckled, bearded, heavy, totally crude and completely silly were what he presented with his first impression, but it didn’t matter. He could roll with anyone, and I do mean anyone. Black, white, man, woman, mormon, atheist, or someone who just doesn’t give a damn about anything at all…felt a comfort and a safety in being whoever or whatever. He always said to his children, “you can’t fool me. I’ve done it all”. This statement wasn’t an interrogation of what we may or may not have been doing. It was an acknowledgement that we are all human. It was a declaration of empathy….I know what it’s like. I’ve been there too. He was a motivated dreamer. He always pursued his love of theatre, comedy, and entertaining. As kids, we knew he would support whatever dream we might have, because he taught us…those things make life more fun. Don’t get me wrong. He was a hard worker his entire life, even a little high strung, but life isn’t worth living if you can’t love what you do. Chase your dream. You might fail, but you will never succeed if you don’t even try.

He always knew he would die young. He died nearly 15 years ago, when I was 7 months pregnant. He taught me that life can be short, so you better make the most of the time you have. I write, I sing, I dance. Sometimes I fall on my face in these pursuits, but at least I do them. And really Emily… How hard is it to just get back up?

Today is Scott Curran’s birthday. My stepfather. With others that love him, we celebrate his life, because he meant so much to those around him. Sometimes I miss the man that could see through us. See through us and accept us anyway… I fell in love that first day 37 years ago, and the truth is, I will love him to my end. He lives on in all of our hearts though.

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