Feeling it

When I was little, I used to stand on the fireplace mantle and dance my ass off. There was a mirror across the room and I’d watch myself. I think that’s pretty common for little kids. Anyway, I’d turn the music up so many times that my mother would come in and turn it down. I was a super shy child, so if I caught her watching me I would immediately stop. I’ve outgrown that shyness. I look at dance as something everyone has inside themselves. It’s an expression of art. It’s a way to connect with others. It can be a technical mastery, but it’s also an expression of our most primal selves. It’s a way to love, to shed anger and hate, and to simply be…just be. Whether that’s being in the moment or in the past or looking to the future, we add our bodies to the music and in that moment it’s synergy. Today, I needed to shed all thought and just sweat. This song handled that pretty well for me.  I encourage everyone to find those things that bring them back to the primal. As these guys say, fight apathy. We are alive in every moment, connected to our fellow human beings and connected to ourselves.


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