Sunday Morning

From time to time, we have the opportunity to participate in different and interesting projects. One early Sunday morning last May, was just such a day. My cousin Daniel had been working on a year and a half long music project that was to culminate in a multi faceted creative show. Called the Mankitten Project, he had written an hour long suite of music. He and his band mates had rehearsed the music for performance, but wanted it to be more than just your typical sit and listen kind of event. Daniel created stunning video to accompany every second of the suite that was to be projected behind them while they played the original work. They created a menu of food to accompany the show and would serve it at specific times during the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of the project, so I was excited at the prospect when Daniel asked Nicholas and me to be a part of the whole thing. We were to be in the video accompanying one of the pieces during the suite.

So out we went, early one Sunday morning, to the commuter train terminal in downtown Salt Lake City. It was just the three of us, a couple of trains, and the morning light. We danced and played for a bit. The song you hear in the video, Daniel created when he would go sit with our grandmother who was suffering from dementia. Music had been her life, and anchored her as she aged. So even in her deteriorating state, she was able to harmonize and sing. As a sort of free flowing music when they were together, the song took shape over time. And so she is where this song gets it’s name. As for the video, there are no surprises as to why we were involved. I think it speaks for itself.


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