Tango with Nicholas and Emily

 Sharing a love of Argentine Tango with others!  We dance for a sense of community, for the opportunity to grow, and simply because it’s fun.

Our Bios – simplified.

Nicholas – Nicholas began his study of Tango in the heart of the North American Tango scene. He’s studied with many of the greats of our time….Gustavo Naviera, Daniel Trenner, Chicho Frumboli, Jorge Torres, and Tomas Howlin (to name just a few). Spending most of his formative years in South America made Tango a perfect fit when it found him later on.

Emily –  Started her Tango right here in Salt Lake with Nicholas. She harasses all the great women who pass through town and has started making tango pilgrimages to Boulder to work with Gustavo and Giselle Anne.

Find us!!

THURSDAY night at 1515 South 1100 East at 7:00pm followed by a 2 hour practica. Join in the weekly fun.

Private lessons available on request.

We also come to events on occasion. All you have to do is ask! Try something new this year. You never know how much you might love it!

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